Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer at the Sullivan Center

This summer, I spent my time volunteering at the Sullivan Center. It was a really great opportunity full of hands on healthcare work. I took patients vitals and health history, sat in during different consultantations and got to observe and lend a hand a few minor procedures. It was nice for me to see a new perspective of healthcare and to get to know the people at the Sullivan Center. I learned a lot about different treatments, medicine, bedside manners, lab work and protocol. I learned how to work up a patient and to report an accurate health history to a provider. It was rewarding to have positive interactions with patients and to see how much they appreciated my work as a volunteer. I made many great friends there including Elizabeth who helped me improve my Spanish. It was knowledge like this that allowed me to especially appreciate my opportunity to volunteer at the Sullivan Center because it offered me lessons outside of a textbook while also expanding my very factual knowledge. I appreciated the outreach work we did with the free clinic side side of the clinic, which serves as both a healthcare-accepting nursing clinic and a free clinic. I find it very important that we uphold the responsibility we have as workers in healthcare to put patients first and to do everything in our power to help them receive the treatment and care they need. It was a truly invaluable summer!


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