Sunday, March 1, 2020

SVF Eco-Tour Station 5 & 6 - Backstage tour

What STEAM program would be complete without a peak behind the curtain to reveal the magic of the theatrical arts. In these eco-tour stations children get to come on stage to meet the cast and crew and to ask questions about how to make magic on stage.

It is more than a little strange to find my research equipment being used as props and set pieces but it adds realism to Sandy Carson's coral reef research. 

It was a lot of fun helping Kathy to bring these reefs to life by making different kinds of corals and decorating them with all kinds of props from around our lab.

Meeting the puppets was a highlight for all of the children.

Getting to work with this talented and dedicated cast and crew really made Something Very Fishy special this year. Thank you so much for participating in our STEAM exhibit!