Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Keys

It has been almost a week since our trip to the Keys but it was an amazing trip. Our first day we were able to test out our gear in front of the KML research lab and get used to the cold weather while snorkeling over some sea grass beds and then went to Key West for dinner. On the second day we went to one of the research sites and practiced mapping organisms on the sea floor and helped document some of the lobster data before releasing them. On our last day we did some snorkeling over the reefs and then went to dive near the overhang of an island. We finished the day by stopping by an old shipwreck and the water finally got warmer. We got to see a lot of sea life and I enjoyed everything we saw especially the reef. It was a great trip (just a really long car ride) and I want to thank everyone involved.

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