Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Full Day

Today is our last full day here at the Florida Keys. We were able to finally get some warmer weather and sun! We did a marathon snorkeling trip/tour with our boat Captain Cynthia Lewis. We rode on a 25 foot Parker and it took the waves much better than the 18 footers from the day before. The first stop was to Cheeca Bay. Here we saw two spotted eagle rays and a yellow ray, and a sea turtle! The water got warmer as we headed out to the park for lunch and our second swim. Here we jumped in and snorkeled around the overhang of the island. Once we were all very cold, we headed over to what I though was the most fun snorkel (even though I had some wet suit trouble), the San Pedro boat wreckage. We though that is was going to be very cold, but turns out a very warm current created a thermocline that was very warm on the top, near 80 degs. This snorkel we were able to see some of the old boat, cannons, and even the boat anchor. A big thanks to all who helped with this trip!

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