Thursday, August 29, 2013

Katie's Summer 2013

I spent the beginning part of my summer studying abroad in Panama and Costa Rica. For most of the month of May, I joined 36 pre-med and pre-dental students from Clemson University to set up clinics in less fortunate parts of the countries. We assisted local doctors and dentists in providing free medical and dental care. Over the seven days of clinics, we saw hundreds of patients and learned so much about the careers we are hoping to pursue.

As part of the dental team, I was given many incredible opportunities to perform dental procedures, like routine cleanings, fillings, and tooth extractions. This was an experience that definitely solidified my decision to pursue dentistry as a career. I also enjoyed getting to experience the cultures of Panama and Costa Rica. I met so many new people from Clemson, Panama, and Costa Rica, and my experience abroad is something I will always remember.

           The rest of the summer was spent studying for the Dental Admissions Test, applying to schools, and working at a restaurant in my hometown. Though these past few months have been memorable, I am so excited to be back at Clemson for the start of a new school year and to once again be a part of the Childress Lab!

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