Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Summer Full of Handstands & Squeals

At the beginning of the summer, I was stuck working at Fike.  It was not all that fun but at least I had a cool boss who would always send me pictures of sloths.  Most of my time was spent watching the Bachelorette and trying to convince the few people here to go kayaking with me.

By the middle of June, I was on a flight to the Florida Keys to help with research in our lab.  The plane I was on had to do at least 23 infinity loops in the sky do to a storm.  It was excruciating.  However, before I knew it, I was a week in to the best month of my life, over my sea sickness, and diving everyday.

While in the Keys, I discovered that bar and yellow jacks are my favorite fish.  I literally squealed every time I saw one so it is definitely a proven fact.  I also got the chance to help untangle a sea turtle from some rope and had a lobster sit in my lap while I did one of my first AGGRA surveys.

I am super thankful for the experiences and friends I gained this summer.  I learned so much about so many different things.  It's made me an even cooler human being (just kidding I'll never be cool).  I hope I'll be doing underwater handstands again real soon.

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