Thursday, September 3, 2015

Keep Your Eye On The Horizon

     The two short weeks I spent in the Keys with my fellow CMR buddies was one of the most unique experiences I've ever had. In that small amount of time, I saw and did things that most people will never have an opportunity to do in their lifetime, all while working to conserve the marine environment! 
     I was honored to be involved in work such as lobstering for Dr. C's project, following and observing parrotfish, helping Lauren with her territoriality project, and learning how to free dive for Dr. Rod's lobster-tracking receivers. Although we call it field "work", we know how to have fun and take every opportunity given to us in that environment. Wether it was feeding sargassum to reef fish right out of our own hand, sitting in the sand watching the neighborhood nurse shark go by, or burying Randi in the sand with Kylie and laughing until our masks filled up with water, there was never a dull moment when I wished I was anywhere else in the world. 

     The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is lucky to have people like Kylie and Dr. C working for its betterment and for a brighter future in the reefs. I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with these people again someday, even if it's just to have a dance party on the boat or eat PB&Js after a long day's work. What I learned there, and the experiences I had with these people, are some that I will always carry with me. Even though I won't have another summer with them, I will remember the lessons I was fortunate enough to learn; because if life is making you sea sick, just keep your eye on the horizon!


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