Saturday, November 21, 2020

Not a Goodbye Just Yet

Two and half years ago I began my journey with this team. Now, as I see the end of the tunnel and the start of another, I begin to reflect on that time. In this lab I was able to meet great people, contribute to research that had meaning, and live my dream of being a marine biologist. It wasn't easy, and it wasn't always as fun as they make it seem on tv, but it is something I would never take back. Something I will never take for granted. 

As I write this, I look back at where I began, the new guy from engineering who knew only the names of a bunch of fish. For a moment there I thought I'd be over my head, but that wasn't the case at all. Because the people around me cared so much, they were there to help me learn and become essential to this team. Whether it was learning CPCe at the beginning, or statistics at the end, there was always someone there to help.

The work that we've been doing these last few years was monumental. The shear amount of data that was collected and analyzed was truly something. We looked at thousands of fish over the years and from that we were able to draw many conclusions about our coral reef communities. Also because of this, coral reef restorers have better insight and knowledge of the fish community. That is why this means so much.

I wanted to end on a goodbye, but I don't think that will be necessary just yet. While I may be graduating with a degree in Bioengineering in December, I will also be starting a Masters of Science with that same department in January. So, I will still be around; just not in any official capacity. I hope to see more great things from this lab in the future! Also, I know I'm writing this now in November when we still have one more meeting, but I had to write it at some point. 

Thank you Kara, Dr. C, Kelsey, Kylie, Mason, Emma, Rachel, Kristiaan, Reanna, Caroline, Rob, Riley, Stephanie, all the new people from zoom, and everyone else! I really hope I didn't spell those wrong.

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