Sunday, May 15, 2011

Congratulations Anna Gurley

Congratulations to Anna Gurley on receiving her BS in Biological Sciences from Clemson University. Anna was a senior independent study student in my lab and a four semester member of the Conservation of Marine Resources team.

Anna's senior thesis research was on the Influence of Salinity on Juvenile Blue Crab Growth and Survival. Anna raised crabs at three salinities and measured the rate of molting and mortality over a three month period.

She found that blue crabs had similar growth for all salinities but that crabs had highest survival in 20 psu over either 35 psu or 5 psu.

She presented her research results at the 2011 Benthic Ecology Meeting in Mobile, AL and at the 2011 Focus on Creative Inquiry Symposium. Anna's research was supported by funds from the SC Sea Grant Consortium, the Creative Inquiry Program, and the Council for Undergraduate Research.

For a PDF version of Anna's research poster, click here.

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