Friday, November 7, 2008

trip reflection

So, here we are several days after our fateful trip to the keys. this trip contained many firsts: boat ride, snorkel trip, and field research techniques. not all of these firsts were my own but i enjoyed sharing those experiences with everyone on the trip. i would like to thank everyone on this trip for being so open minded and easy-going. i believe that this attitude is what made the trip fun ( OK, I know it would still have been fun). i would also like to thank the trip administrators because this trip made me realize that i am on the right career path and that i actually do like field biology, before this trip i had no way of knowing. so again thank you to all involved.

not very substance filled sorry. I am compiling a species list of what we saw so if anyone wants to email me what they saw or just post it i will compile a master list.

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